Anxiety is normal- when to consult a mental doctor?

by Mental Health Research Center Kolkata

Posted on October 17, 2017

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Anxiety is a required element of every life! It is not unbelievable at all, think it this way, every living soul in this world, or any other world is thoughtful about the security of itself and all loving souls it is compassionate about.

It is call anxiousness, we worry, we think, we care and we want to protect ourselves as well as others we care for. But it becomes problem when we cannot decide what we should feel anxiousness for. For example if your mother is ill then it is your anxiety, but your favourite movie star’s illness should not be a reason of your anxiety. If it is then you are welcome to see a mental doctor or psychiatrist. And like I always said mental doctors or psychiatrist are not for treating only madness, you go to doctor for cold, fever, it is not necessary that you must suffer from life threatening health problem to avail a doctor.

Now this anxiety or worrying is very useful. I am sharing few examples where worrying can be helpful:

  • You are worried about penalties and for that you pay the bill on time.
  • You are worried about reputation and for that you remember all appointments.
  • You are Worried about future & you are achieving all life goals for that.
  • You have seen some dropped her baby and that made you anxious, for that now you are very much careful about the baby you are handling.

So, when anxiety making you to make effective planning and infusing you with positive mentality then it is healthy for us.

Anxiety becomes a problem when we start worrying about things those are not in our hands or those are not important enough to become anxious for. Like, one day the earth will be destroyed and for that I am suffering from anxiety. Now anxiety is not preventive like a flu or cholera. It needs special help, understanding and support of an expert psychiatrist or mental doctor.

Now when should we book an appointment with a mental doctor?

When anxiety is:

  • a. Breaking concentration for important thing in life, like job, child bearing.
  • b. Making you substance dependable, like having alcohol or drug.
  • c. Damaging your healthy relationships.
  • d. Triggering panic attack.
  • e. Making you tired, impatient, petulant.

There are many effective ways to treat anxiety with ease but always consult with mental health doctors first because all methods and ways should be well guided and accurate.

Guided Exercise, deep breathing, muscle relaxation, mindfulness exercises as well as guided meditation these are beneficial to defeat anxiety. Or psychotherapy and medication can be used as well. Anxiety is often considered as mental illness by many patients, but know this, anxiety is nothing but a well-understood condition.

Performing Arts and Anxiety:

Learning or practicing any performing art or any other activity is the best way of battling anxiety because learning guitar, building muscles needs high attention and that can save you from the worries you are having.

Emma Stone, the Hollywood actress has suffered from frequent panic attack, her psychiatrist told her that acting is the best weapon she has to defeat the monster called anxiety. She told in an interview that acting makes her to concentrate on the present activity with top priority and all other worries are nothing.