Case Study - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Sumana is 10 and lives with her mum, Mrs X, her dad, Mr Y. Mrs X is a teaching assistant at the local first school and Mr Y is an accountant. Sumana attends the local junior school and will be moving up to high school within the next year. At a recent parents evening, Mrs X and Mr Y were concerned to hear that Sumana has been struggling with her schoolwork and has fallen significantly behind in some subjects. There have also been some difficulties in friendship groups and Sumana is often involved in arguments in the playground. On a positive note, her teacher is pleased to report that she is doing exceptionally well at sport. Mrs X and Mr Y have noticed that Sumana has become more and more disorganized over the past 18 months. She has lost many items of school equipment and is often late leaving the house for school and for social events, as it takes her so long to get ready. Sumana is often restless and finds it difficult to concentrate, even on things that she finds enjoyable; for example, it is unusual for her to be able to sit and watch a film through to its conclusion. Mrs X remembers that she was a lot like this when she was a child, and has not been particularly worried until now. Both she and Mr Y are concerned about the fact that Sumana is struggling academically but are more worried about the fact that she appears to be having problems making and keeping friends. In such situations, seeking help from a psychiatrist in Kolkata or the best psychiatrist in Kolkata for counselling can provide valuable support for Sumana and her parents. It’s possible that Sumana is exhibiting ADHD symptoms and treatment from a qualified professional could help her manage these challenges effectively.