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Book your appointment with mental doctor or psychiatrist in Kolkata, your privacy is safe with us, we will never disclose your case anywhere or mention in any publication without your prior permission. Mental Health Doctors or Psychiatrists are doctors focusing or specialising in the analysis and diagnosis as well as curing the patients with mental health or psychological problems.

At Mental Health Research Centre you can expect:-

  • Regular contact with psychiatrist or psychologist.
  • Support from first stage of needful treatment to the final resolve.
  • Special care for challenging patients.(aggressive patients, geriatric psychiatric problems like dementia).
  • Treating patients with compassion, understanding and respect.
  • Analytical and scientific approach with good problem-solving skills.
  • Experience of handling verity of mental illness.


Many people got scared on the mention of Psychiatrists, but mental doctors or Psychiatrists are not doctors for madness, stop worrying and consult with most experienced mental doctor in Kolkata, book your appointment now.

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    At Mental Health Research Centre you can expect:-